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Founding Director of Taijutsu Brisbane Martial Arts, and with over 14 years experience, Sensei Hayden, offers a diversified and unique approach to modern martial arts with a commitment to finding the most efficient ways to teach complex principals in a easy to understand way.  Together with his team, he has created a vision for the school to be able to have our students become extremely proficient in a short period of time. Sensei Hayden has a fun and engaging teaching style that will ensure an exciting session every time.

Martial Arts In Brisbane

Industry experience.
- Sensei Hayden

2008: Began Formal Martial Arts Training

2010: Security Operations - Certificate II

2011: Fight Night – MMA Bout - 80kg

2012: Fight Night – MMA Bout - 80kg

2013: Toshindo - 1st Degree Black Belt

2014: Taijutsu Martial Arts – Founded Cairns Organisation

2014: Soul Fighting Championship - MMA Bout - 75kg

2015: Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu - 5th Degree Black Belt
2016: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Blue Belt

2016: Taijutsu Martial Arts – Founded Brisbane Organisation

2018: Grappling Industries – 84kg - No Gi - Gold

2018: Grappling Industries – 84kg - Gi - Bronze

2019: Grappling Industries – 84kg - No Gi - Bronze

2019: Grappling Industries – 84kg - Gi - Silver

2019: Lockdown - No Gi 93kg – Gold

2019: Lockdown - No Gi 84kg – Bronze

2020: QLD State Championships - 85.5kg Masters - No Gi - Bronze

2020: QLD State Championships - 88.3kg Masters - Gi - Gold

2020: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Purple Belt

2021: ISKA Combudo MMA 86kg Champion

Martial Arts In Brisbane







With a decade of experience in coaching, Senpai Baden has a very passionate approach to training and loves the opportunity to help people reach their goals. Completing a sports coaching certificate at age 14 and getting a first hand taste of mentoring at a young age, he has learnt to utilise his strengths to help his players and students get the best out of themselves. With many years of experience in his martial arts training and extensive knowledge of team sports, specifically Aussie Rules football and after playing and coaching that sport from a young age, Senpai Baden decided to turn to training and coaching martial arts full time. Senpai Baden communicates very effectively creating an engaging and interesting learning environment each time the class hits the mat!


Striking Coach.





Blair brings a wealth of striking arts knowledge to the Taijutsu team with over 8 years of experience; having trained in Thailand, Canada and Australia with a number of world champion fighters. Blair has a passion for efficient movement to produce effective and crisp technique. In 2015 Blair was awarded his black belt in Muay Thai and began preparing for his fight career in the 80kg-85kg division; with a record of 3 wins (1 by TKO) and only 1 loss.  Blair enjoys helping people find their love for combat sports by teaching the physical aspects of striking and how to manage mentality towards training.


Kids Coach


Upon recently completing his degree in marketing, Coach Ravi brings a detailed a creative perspective to coaching our kids classes. Coach Ravi has a very detailed and strategic approach to Taijutsu where he embodies movement efficiently and effectively to overcome his opponents in his own personal learnings which translates very well into his coaching style. 


Operations and Events





With a background in events, design and personal training Ms Emily intuitively and creatively facilitates are very welcoming and enjoyable experience here at Taijutsu. Miss Emily loves to  connect with new people and enjoy life for its simple pleasures. On her days off you will find her cooking up a storm with ingredient fresh from her garden, renovating her beautiful old Queenslander home and during the warmer months she probably ask you to join her for a hike... or maybe a scramble up a mountain to catch a gorgeous sunrise!

Martial Arts In Brisbane