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Taijutsu Kids Team Teaching


Taijutsu martial arts classes for kids.

Taijutsu is Brisbane's top educational institute for modern martial arts tuition; we believe that children that are mentored, grow to become inspired leaders that can change the world.
We provide a safe and controlled environment for students to train in with passionate and highly skilled teachers that will be there every step of the way. 
We aim to deliver the finest quality instruction while ensuring that training is fun and easy to understand for ages 4-13yrs.

Kids classes consist of an integrated system of kickboxing (Muay Thai), throws and takedowns (Judo and Wrestling), and escapes, locks and chokes (BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). 

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Increase focus, energy, and concentration that will translate into the classroom and in life. Discover how to set goals and work towards them!


Every class includes meditation; through practice it calms the mind and focuses the student inside the dojo, at school, and everyday life.


The studio.

Our studio is a clean, modern, spacious and welcoming environment where you'll feel at home.

The training area consists of 100m2 of mat space with best in class padded flooring and walls to ensure your training experience is as comfortable as possible.

We have a community seating space, air-conditioning, kitchen area, two independent change rooms, Wi-Fi, and onsite and street parking available.

Kids fitness.

Enhance you child's overall fitness level while gaining important core values for life.

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A Place for Kids to Make New friends.

Become apart of the martial arts community; help your child make friends with like-minded people who want the best for their futures!

"The practice of martial arts is a vehicle for personal development; plant the seeds of good virtues in the mind early and it will help our kids grow into confident and empowered young adults."

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Beginner friendly
Unlimited class access
Access to online training material
Private tuition available
No joining fees



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