Advice to My Younger Self

Self reflection is a great thing and apart of training the mind to evolve into a better human. I thought I'd share my thoughts on advice that I would give my younger self (yes even though I'm not THAT old yet!). Just a bit of a thought experiment and hope that it inspires you to do one too.

Advice to My Younger Self What we perceive as valuable is a funny thing; I love training and the process that much that I need nothing else in life, id rather give up my time to consistently develop my body, and mind, this is more interesting to me than having a nice watch; you can do it too, you just have to give up a lot of shit and well... are you willing to? Carve away at the mental fat; every single day get smarter, healthier, and push yourself towards your goals until you're uncomfortable. Always do shit that is hard and opt for the more difficult path as those areas in life are where most people fear to tread. Pro-tip.. great things in life lay here and are only available to those that are strong enough to venture, go there and you will be rewarded!

Find the distracting things in your life that are leading you away from the end goal and eliminate them from your life as best as you can, things will always try and pull you back to the old path, just recognise it happening and realign your trajectory towards the prize.

Shikin haramitsu daikomyo! <-- learn the meaning of this and use it as a formula for life.

Do more, contribute, love more, create, inspire, the time is now! GO!

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