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I never did well in school as a kid, however I always knew I wanted to do great things in life, but never knew how. I felt like I was waiting for something, anything to just fall into my lap by pure luck or chance. I would wonder why I could never catch a break or why everyone else would achieve amazing things, but I never could. The day I earned my black belt was such a huge realisation; I knew at that very point when the final knot was tied around my waist that I was capable of achieving absolutely anything; I felt so empowered and unstoppable, not on a physical level but on a psychological level, like someone had just given me the secret to life and removed any doubt I ever had in myself. The realisation was one of; every single moment in life the universe presents an opportunity to lead you towards the goals that you seek, it is however what you do with that opportunity that we call life that makes all the difference. Focus your intention and take action; don't ever give up, obstacles are just tests to see if you are worthy of the gift of your goal; the obstacle is always the way forward. It was not only the proudest moment of my life, but such a pivotal moment because of that realisation. I have now used that black belt framework and mindset to structure absolutely everything in my life to work towards a purpose filled, adventurous, and fulfilling life for myself and those around me. I write this to you not to boast, but to hope that the black belt journey helps you also to discover this, it's important to know that the journey is hard and extremely challenging in every single way; it's meant to be, thats the point! Keep going, have faith in yourself, and enjoy it!

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