Jun 27, 2017

Kata Training Discussion


Edited: Jun 27, 2017

What kata are you working on?

Jun 28, 2017Edited: Jul 16, 2017



Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu

Joryaku No Maki (1st Level)


Week 1

Koku No Kata










Koku No Kata Henka (Variation)










Renyo No Kata


Renyo (Variation)









Week 2

Dan Shu No Kata










Dan Shi No Kata










Week 3

Saka Nagare No Kata











Keo No Kata










Keo No Kata (Street Variation)


Jun 29, 2017

Thanks for linking these videos! I missed day one of Renyo so was very useful to get familiar.

Jun 29, 2017

We will have time to revise in the coming weeks Roy, I'll update this page each week with the next katas so stay tuned!

Jul 10, 2017

This is great, keeping me refreshed for the next class!!

Jul 10, 2017

We will keep em coming Lachlan!

Jul 15, 2017


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