Jun 27, 2017

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Jun 29, 2017

Bosun put me on to watching "What the Health" on Netflix.... do not watch this before you make dinner (unless you are cooking up a healthy vegan meal!!). Has definitely made me think twice about what I am eating and to think twice before blindly accepting health advice from even notable health organisations.. Anyway - didn't want to open a political or veg/non-veg discussion more just wanted to recommend the documentary as an interesting watch.

Jun 29, 2017

Thanks Roy, will have to check it out!


People have been talking about some popular 'sugar' movie as well (I cant remember the name of it) apparently it's super interesting and talks about sugar addiction in the brain and then that causing obesity and all sorts of health problems, if you know of it let me know!

Jul 11, 2017

Sounds like That Sugar Film!


My boss quotes from it every time I open a Red Bull at work. I haven't watched it yet.

Jul 11, 2017

Thats the one!


Hahaha i dont blame him! :P

Jul 11, 2017

I am about a month in veg; loving the food and feel about an extra 10% energy. It has to work for your life style but for me I am excited about the new food adventures

Jul 11, 2017

Totally vegetarian? Nice work! That clean energy feeling is incredible hey, you can literally feel your body running more efficiently

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