Feet shoulder width apart:

  • Evenly distributed weight placement for maximum balance


Dominate leg back:

  • Benefits hip rotation to generate power into dominate hand and leg for striking


Dominate leg back:

  • Creates a narrow profile of the body, making it more difficult for opponent to hit the centre-line


Rear foot angled 45-degrees:

  • Creates wider structural stability, ability to create angles in footwork 


Rear foot heel off the ground

  • Generate power forward by pushing off rear leg


Knees bent:

  • Creates structural stability, preloading legs for explosive movement


Hands up at eye level, palms facing out:

  • Allows for maximum protection of head


Elbows in:

  • Allows for more efficient generation of power into the punch, protection of the ribs, minimises telegraphing


Shoulders up:

  • Protects jaw


Chin down:

  • Protects jaw


Eyes forward:

  • Track your opponents movement, look at their chin, neck, and upper chest area



  • Algin your centreline with the opponents centreline, as they move adjust accordingly